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Leia o resumo do Livro

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- Find out the Truth about this Law:
- Primitive Christianity accepted Rebirth!
The work proposes Rebirth or Reincarnation as one of the Holy Laws.
It preaches that everything in the Universe follows a certain pace, including the life of man, animals and plants, as well as the Sun, the planets and the satellites.
It exposes Psychism, that explain the phenomena of people's mental processes, both conscious and unconscious. It reports the belief in Reincarnation since the time of the first inhabitants of Earth until modern man, like physicists, philosophers, doctors, psychologists, many religious men and other men who were aware that rebirth is just a LAW and that it works independently from the will of certain religions.
It describes death as an eternal rebirth, focussing on the research by Dr. Raymond A. Moody Jr., author of the book "Life after Life", in which he reports the sensations of people who were believed to be dead and then returned to life.
It refers to the contents of the Bible that are related to the return to life, from rebirth to reincarnation, as it was cited in Job, Jeremiah, Malachi e Ezekiel in the Old Testament; and in Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, The Romans and Ephisians in the New Testament.
It analyses the reflection on the Truth referring to Reincarnation in the early days of the Vatican, and it comments on the Catholic Encyclopaedia that remains in the Vatican, and on the II Constantinople Council.
It cites numerous cases of Experiences of Past Lives presented in this manner: a) Spontaneous Memory; b) Induced regression; c) Extraordinary reincarnation; d) Gifted people (precocious individuals and geniuses); e) Pythagoras and his memories of past lives.
Examines the Universal Laws and Cosmic Laws. It finishes with the teachings of several masters such as: Akhenaton, Socrates, Budha and Jesus, who summarises their teachings as:

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