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Cromoterapia Prática
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Leia o resumo do Livro

Leia o resumo do Livro

A Trilogia das Cores

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Akhenaton, o Faraó iluminado
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Civilizações Perdidas




Vidas Passadas
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A Grande Piramide


Minha Vida na Outra vida no Egito





Travels - Research


- Participation in 8 cultural trips, the last one was in 2002.
- Research on the origin of Chromo Therapy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt.
Unforgettable travels in the company of the scholars of ancient Egypt, Paulo Iannuzzi and Ondina Balzano, who has already taken some groups to the Land of the Pharaohs, teaching interesting classes during the trip, where they spoke about the monuments that were visited and discourses on the life of this millenary civilization, whose teachings survived the time, as its essence is always current when it comes to awaken modern man to the desire of knowing the great truth from which he has been immensely apart, but that is indispensable to the evolution of his soul.
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Phone: +55 21 22561400 – 9959-1832 – 8855-1400


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Curso de Cromoterapia
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