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In times of Stress

   From the beginning of our civilization, the pace of our lives has been changed from a quiet life to an existence at an incredibly fast pace with its disturbing consequences to mankind. Technologic evolution has caused a lot of emotional problems, as man has had to deal with growing worries, which developed into angst, anxiety and phobias.
   Not only the businessmen and businesswomen, the professionals from all the areas, but also our young people have to live with doubt, fear of failure and expectations (i.e. getting into university or finding their first job); they may also face family or social problems that generate conflicting feelings which lead to depression and stress.
   Besides that, stress is also caused by a great loss of cosmic energy it can even be caused by an unbalance in human beings’ bio-energetic field.
   At first, it seems that stress is only related to emotional and energetic factors; however, there are several physical causes that can unleash a situation of stress, such as:
- Exhaustion or excess of work
- Insufficient sleep
- Extreme variations of temperature
- The effects of drugs or medicine
- Deficiency in Nutrition
- Environmental Pollution
- Electromagnetic radiation
- Geo-pathic energy

   Amongst the harmful effects of drugs and medicine we have the use of: cocaine, heroine, marijuana, LSD, amphetamines, etc.
   Unfortunately, the majority of these drugs are used by young people, who, looking for a momentary ecstasy, destroy their health and will maybe be aware of its harmfulness only many years later; if they do not die as victims of drug abuse before that awareness happens.
   Polluting agents do not only contribute to develop stress, but can also be the cause of many illnesses:

Cigarette smoke - It affects not only the smokers, but also those who are in the same environment as the smokers, as statistics show an increase in cancer in people in these situations.

Aluminium toxicity - recent research shows that a great number of patients with Alzheimer Disease have high levels of aluminium in the brain tissue, that can be explained in the constant use of aluminium saucepans for cooking their food.

Electromagnetic pollution - in relation to this type of pollution, one can say that, high-tension lines, microwave ovens, tubes of cathode rays (fluorescent lights) and other electronic equipment produce stress. And negative biological effects such as: infantile cancer, and foetus with abnormalities. There is research with families who live near high-tension lines, which demonstrates cancer in children.

   The soviets concluded that the exposure of human beings to the radiation produced by microwave ovens used to provoke the appearance of amaurosis.
   Chromo Therapy balances human beings physical-energetic bodies, giving them a better disposition and health.
   Like this, invigorated, a person is able to face the problems that worried him/her, and always find the best solution to them.

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