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Quantic Medicine

   The Universe is comprised of a mass of radiation, formed by atomic, sub-atomic and electro-magnetic particles that are animated by a continuous movement, which is responsible for the process of creation and disintegration of matter.

   The electricity that illuminates our house, television and radio waves, that bring information and entertainment to the families; on the whole, all those elements, which make our lives easier, depend on those radiations.

   Everything in the Cosmos is permeated by radiation, including the colourful radiation or energy, which occurs in the mineral, vegetable and animal world. Each colour has its own vibratory energy with its numerous frequencies, and these radiations interact with one another, creating a balance that moves the ‘Whole Creation’. Therefore it is a process of mutation and evolution in which we are all involved. We owe our existence to the combination of these energies.

   The energy that circulates in all the cells of our bodies, was already known by Chinese Medicine, that defined the energetic design of the human bodies as the ‘Meridians’, which from a complex network. In Chinese Medicine, by activating the points that correspond to the dysfunctional organ, one can re-establish the energetic balance.

   Doctor-priests, from ancient Egypt already knew this energy and they denominated it Heka.

   Hence, we can say that our physical body is generated by the vibrations of energy. If the flow of this energy is disturbed in any region of the body, the balance of health is then interrupted, that results in disorders that will in turn, develop the illnesses.

   There is a ‘meeting point’ between the traditional Chinese Medicine and the modern high technology applied on the body, that has the capacity of absorbing the influence of electro-magnetic frequencies, and especially, the range of millimetre waves, whose potency is approximate to the quantic value. The physiologic system of human beings responds positively to these frequencies.

   Colour Therapy is efficient, painless, physiological and non-evasive, with no side effects. It is based on the bioactive principle, which can restore the global energetic balance, which harmonises the circulation of energy in the human body.

   The first analyses, which demonstrated the therapeutic effect of these frequencies, started about thirty-five years ago, and around 1980, the first clinical experiences were performed, according to the scientific model of researchers such as: Niels Bhor, E. Shredinger and I. Peigozhin, who all received a Nobel Prize.

   Thousand of patients have been successfully treated with this method, even in cases of serious pathologies, frequently diagnosed as incurable by the classical therapists.

   This new therapeutic methodology, which received the name of ‘Quantic Medicine’, uses the colourful energy to normalize the bodily functions, on a direct relationship over the pathologic focuses.

   Although the colour treatment (that observes the medicinal principles), through the use of Chromo Therapy devices is a new field of Science of Medical Practice, it has its origin in the Ancient World.

   Light was utilized as a therapeutic instrument in Ancient Egypt, where they distinguished the ‘active’ light of the Sun from the ‘calming’ light of the Moon. Centuries later, Leonardo da Vinci used the sunlight that was filtered through colourful glass for medical purposes.

   Alchemy and Colour were used since the Stone Age to cure people, through flowers and colourful stones.

   The Scientific basis for the medical applications of these physical factors started to be studied only during the second half of the XX century, thanks to the rapid development of Fundamental Sciences such as: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

   After the creation of the first quantic generator of the optical sector, in 1960, several studies were performed in order to verify the possibility of its therapeutic use through low potency radiation. Since then, a great deal of elements that demonstrate its medical efficiency has been acknowledged.

   The study of the mechanism of the influence of the electro-magnetic irradiation with higher frequencies over the human body deepened. Admissible limits of optimum potency and parameter were established, and methods of application for several pathologies were devised.

   Nowadays, there are various Chromo Therapy or Quantic Medicine devices, from which we cite: the ‘Pyracromos’ created by this author, in Brazil; the ‘Cromostim 2000’ of Italian origin and the ‘Therachroma’ - manufactured in Germany. They have had amazing results in the cure of the most diverse pathologies, through the action of electro-magnetic waves, or more precisely, of the colourful waves.

   These quantic potency waves are of measurable frequency, whose influence is observed by the information of the cellular, sub-cellular and sub-atomic organism; as a language that allows the establishment the balance, health and well-being.

   Amongst the research that study the therapy applied to a quantic level, it is seen as evident that the radiation action favours a useful reaction to the body with the following favourable effects:
   a) improvement in the blood circulation;
   b) acceleration of the metabolic processes;
   c) activation of the regeneration process;
   d) sedative effect;
   e) analgesic effect;
   f) establishing the cell membrane;
   g) stimulation of one’s general state;
   h) normalising cardiac arrhythmia;
   i) activation of the oxidant function of blood;
   j) immune-modulating and immune-stabilising effect of the body.

   Quantic Therapy can intensify the effect of the medication as the following treatments are strengthened: homeopathic, phytotherapic, orthomolecular and natural therapies.

   The Science of Colours, or Chromo Therapy is called QUANTIC MEDICINE in Europe, and that utilizes the radiations of the electro-magnetic spectrum, especially those of the Solar Spectrum, which are the colourful waves, for the most diverse health treatments.

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