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Cromoterapia Prática
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Leia o resumo do Livro
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Leia o resumo do Livro

Leia o resumo do Livro

A Trilogia das Cores

Saiba mais sobre o Pyracromos
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Saiba mais sobre o Bastão Atlante
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Akhenaton, o Faraó iluminado
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Civilizações Perdidas




Vidas Passadas
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A Grande Piramide


Minha Vida na Outra vida no Egito





(Energetic Medicine) - FREE LECTURE

- There is a solution for migraine based on the colours energy?
- An English doctor is treating acne using colourful lamps?
- An American doctor is treating Cancer with Chromo Therapy?
- The colours can fight Depression and Stress?
- The majority of diseases such as: allergy, arthritis, arthrosis, bronchitis, bursitis, kidney and hepatic stones, cists in the ovaries, back-pain, erysipelas, gastritis, hypertension, psoriasis, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc., can be treated by using Chromo Therapy, without any side effects?
Take part in the lecture! “Find out more about Chromo Therapy”
Lecturer: Prof. Ondina Balzano
- Author of the book: “The Colour Trilogy”
- Inventor of the Device: “Pyracromos”
- Founder of the: ISIS - Int. Cromoterapia e Holística (institute of Chromo Therapy and Holistic) - SP e RJ
- Lecturer in Congresses of Natural Medicine in Brazil and Italy

  Phone: +55 51 32243681 Márcia Borges - Porto Alegre.
  Phone: +55 21 22561400 Ondina Balzano - Rio de Janeiro.
  Phone: +55 11 2213476  Tereza Dalva - São Paulo.

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Curso de Cromoterapia
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