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Historical Development

   There have been several ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Chinese and others, made use of colours in health treatment. In China and India, colour was more related to Mythology and Astrology. In Greece, several doctor-philosophers went to absorb the knowledge of medical science from the Egyptian source, from the doctor-priests.
   Chromo Therapy is intimately linked to Ancient Egypt, as well as to Medicine itself. This relationship dates back to 2800 B.C. with IMHOTEP, who has been considered the universal father of Medicine, as he wrote the first medical books, in papyrus. It was IMHOTEP who created the first School of Medicine.
   Centuries later, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), the Greek doctor, was in Egypt studying Medicine with the doctor-priests, for three years. Back to Cós, his hometown, he founded the first School of Medicine in Greece and created the Medical ‘Oath’, which was based on IMHOTEP’s writings.
   Medical Treatment using colours was also started in Egypt, according to Dr. Paul Galioughi, the author of ‘La Medicine des Pharaohs’ (‘The Medicine of the Pharaohs’), where he reports how the doctor-priests used to treat their patients with colours, by utilizing flowers and precious stones.
   Thus, we can say that Chromo Therapy was created in Ancient Egypt; was dormant for millennia; and it has recently reappeared as Energetic-Medicine’ - like Homeopathy and Acupuncture.
   There have been several researchers of the use of colours, such as:

JOHN OTT - Physician and Director of the Sarasota Institute - Florida/USA, who researched the beneficial effect of colours on cancerous tumours;

DINSHAN GHADIALI - Indian Physician, living in New Jersey/USA, who structured Chromo Therapy on scientific basis. He is the author of an Encyclopaedia of the utilization of colours in disease;

NIELS FINSEN - a doctor from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the author ‘Actinic Properties of the Sun’. He founded the Institute of Light where patients with tuberculosis were treated. Amazing cures were reported in approx. two thousand patients with applications of Chromo Therapy. He received the Nobel Prize in 1903;

RENÉ NUNES - A journalist, conferencist and teacher, from Brasília - Brazil (deceased in 1995), who was devoted to the research and application of Chromo Therapy in more than ten thousand patients, obtaining high rate of recovery. He was the author of several works, from which I cite ‘Technical Chromo Therapy’. He was a great ‘advertiser’ of Chromo therapy as medical-energetic science in Brazil and abroad.

   We define Chromo Therapy as a science that utilizes the colours in the Solar Spectrum to restore physical-energetic balance to areas of the human body.
   The 7 colours of the Spectrum are:

       - RED
       - ORANGE
       - YELLOW
       - GREEN
       - BLUE
       - INDIGO
       - VIOLET

Chromo Therapy is founded in three sciences:
Medicine - The art of healing;
Physics - The science that studies the transformations of energy, in particular the chapter that is dedicated to the nature of light;
Its origin in the electromagnetic spectrum and its elements, such as: wavelength, frequency and speed;
Bioenergetics - The science that demonstrates the existence of the energetic body, analysing the vital energy.

   Chromo Therapy benefits sufferers of all kinds of physical dysfunctions, in the beginning it relieves pain and as it progresses, recovery can be achieved in the majority of illnesses.
   One would like to point out the efficacy of Chromo Therapy in the treatment of MIGRAINE, an illness that affects a third of the adult population worldwide, according to the WHO (World Health Organization) statistics. The main cause of migraine is energetic (absorption of cosmic energy by the occipital region), but it can be allied to an organic dysfunction such as pre-menstrual tension, bad digestion, sinusitis, eyesight problems, obstruction of the carotid that transport the blood to the nerve cells, compression of the vertebrae of the cervical column, etc...
   Chromo Therapy balances the energetic influx and treats the physical cause, eliminating pain and restoring health after a series of, on average, ten to fifteen applications.
   Chromo Therapy is included in the list of main alternative or complementary therapies, acknowledged by the WHO in 1976, according to the ‘1962 International Conference of Primary Health Care’ in Alma-Ata. This list was validated by the WHO in 1983, through Dr Halfdan Mahler - General Director of World Health Organization - WHO; and through Dr Robert Bannerman - Director of the WHO Programme of Traditional Medicine.

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