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Leia o resumo do Livro

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   Chromo Therapy is a medical-energetic science that uses the colours of the Solar Spectrum to re-establish health. It is based in three sciences: Medicine, Physics and Bio-energetic.
   Aura or halo is the colourful efflux from the energy field that involves matter. The knowledge of the existence of the aura is ancient. All the eastern philosophies used to talk about the luminous halo that surrounds human beings.
   The aureoles of light represented over the Saints’ heads, is proof that the Catholic Church admitted the existence of the aura. Various painters portrayed Saints with shining halos around their heads or around their whole bodies.
   Any occurrence in the physical body, first takes place in the energetic field or aura, which registers both, the positive emotional states as well as the negative ones: health and disease, predispositions and other occurrences.
   The Russian scientists claim that there is an energetic organising model that presides the formation of the physical body and therefore it helps its regeneration when there is a dysfunction.
   The halo of energy, or aura, is vibrant, dynamic and mutable, whereas in minerals, it is immutable.
   It was only possible to prove its existence through the Russian Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian’s research, who in 1939 invented a machine that was capable of photographing this energy. However, Russia only allowed the dissemination of the information of this research in 1960.
   The photo-aura, or ‘Kirlian photo’, or ‘electro-graphy’, or also ‘effluvium-graphy’, is the visual registration of a part of the energy field of matter, through a photographic film in a specialised machine that uses high frequency.
   In human beings it expresses a synthesis of the situation of all the bodies, especially between the physical body and the energetic one.
   We can also say that the photo-aura is proof of the body of energy, called bio-plasmatic by the Russian and bio-energetic by the Americans.
   Through the analysis of the aura, or ‘aura-analysis’, it is possible to give a diagnosis, even if it is a preventive one, as the aura shows situations that have not been manifested in the physical body yet.
   So, after the diagnosis through the photo-aura, which indicates which organ or system that is dysfunctional, one applies the adequate colour for each case in order to restore the physical-energetic balance to that region of the human body.
   Therefore, I conclude that the photographic spectrum of the aura is of great importance in the diagnosis of eventual illnesses, before Chromo Therapy is applied.

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