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Homage to Akhenaton

   Homage to the illustrious Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who entered History under the name of AKHENATON. He was the Pharaoh of Egypt in the XVIII Dynasty, reigning from 1370 to 1352 B.C. His vision as a monarch was that the King of Egypt should preserve the World's Harmony.
   AKHENATON was a mark in the history of Egypt and of humanity. He was the forerunner of Buda's teaching in the East and of Jesus Christ in the West. He taught LOVE and lived in LOVE.
   He was the ‘Genius of Humanity’, according to Christian Jacq.
   It is also Christian Jaqc who tells us about a character in the city of Akhenaton who declares in a text: “Akhenaton was the first man to whom God was revealed asa source of universal love.”
   The American Egyptologist Breasted says comments on Akhenation: “Akhenaton was a man inebriated with divinity!”
   Akhenaton wrote the most beautiful poem to God, which is, the Anthem to Aton, or Anthem to the Sun.
   One of its titles is: ‘The one who lives in universal harmony.’ - He shows man the Path to Light, because he knew that humanity will fatally have to go through the road to evolution in order to achieve Universal Harmony.
   He had the courage to realize the political, social, religious and artistic reform, even retuning to the precepts of an archaic time, which gave origin to the School of Heliopolis, whose divinity is Rá, and that was in accordance with his thoughts of LOVE - JUSTICE - TRUTH.
   Art started from the point of the Classicism, when the pharaoh was to be represented by steles and statues with the features of an authentic Egyptian. After, it went through and intermediate phase, adopting the features of an long face, protuberant chin and oblique eyes, similar to those in the pre-dynastic period; including sagging breasts and large abdomen; according to the teachings of the School of Heliopolis, whose God ATON was the manifestation of GOD - FATHER/MOTHER OF CREATION.And, in the last phase, he orders to have his image executed, emphasising even more the particularities of his art; and extends to other family members of the Royal Family this new artist precept.
   Finally, his mortuary mask shows the perfect face of an Egyptian that expresses the serenity of the ENLIGHTENED. (Ateliê - Tutmés)
   In the beginning of his kingdom he idealises and executes the construction of a temple, in Thebe, in honour to the God Rá-Harackti, inspired in the model of a primitive temple in Heliopolis, which comprehends an obelisk fixed on a base, representing a petrified ray of sunshine.
   Egypt was celebrating the birth of Light as a symbol of solar energy that possesses life.
   Therefore, for the firs time in the new temple, a solar disc is represented, its rays end in hands that are donating life, the name of the God Aton is put in a cornet. But soon Akhenaton understood that, in order to realize his mission, he would have to build a city far from the Clergy of Amon, which was deviated from the essence of the religion that Akhenaton idealised.

   AKHENATON, inspired by his father's ideas, Amenhotep III, who had already introduced important modifications to religious mentality of his time, paying an official homage to Aton through the constructions that he ordered to be built in Memphis and Thebe, in an occasion when he breaks many political prerogatives of the Clergy of Amon.
   AKHENATON, encourage by his mother's firm purposes, Queen Tyl, who demonstrated her preference for ATON, so much so that she baptised the boat that she received as present from Pharaoh Aenhotep III, under the name of ‘Tehen Aton’ (The Splendour of ATON).
   AKHENATON, supported by his beloved wife, Queen Nerfertiti, who collaborated fully with him, for they both fought to make Egypt a nation of Love and peace, as a symbol of universal harmony.
   Thus, Akhenaton starts to realize his ideals, building the city of Akhenaton, in order to foster the feelings of LOVE, JUSTICE and TRUTH in the hearts of his people, as they are the basis that are capable of leading to the evolution of humanity.
   Akhenaton allows his people to enter the temple in the new city so that everyone could enjoy the presence of ATON, under the guidance of a new Clergy that vibrated in the love of ATON. The ones who lived in Akhenaton could sense the happiness of its people, as everyone worked in harmony in life's diverse sectors, forming an ideal society that vibrated in LOVE.
   Akhenaton invites man to share everything he lives and to revere Nature in all its splendour, contemplating the beauty of the flowers, the rhythmic movements of the water of the river, the hissing of the wind in the desert, the happiness of the birds singing, the stars shining in the sky, the blooming of new life, the melody of the harp; all in all, recognising God in everything and consciously taking part in his work of LOVE.
   Akhenaton will live eternally in the heart of very creature that searches for Spiritual Light.
   Akhenaton was, in fact, the “Enlightened” who humanity did not manage to follow!

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