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For the Students

   Chromo therapy is a medical-energetic science like Homeopathy and Acupuncture. It is founded in three sciences: Medicine, defined as the art of healing; Physics, which studies the transformation of energy, explaining the nature of light; and Bioenergetics the science that analysis vital energy and demonstrates the existence of the bio-energetic body.
   Many students have serious difficulty studying, due to lack of concentration, but they are not aware of the origin of their problem, which is energetic.
   Man lives, conscious or not, surrounded by a complex radiation field, forming a real ocean of energies.
   Every human being receives, at birth, cosmic energy, through a vortex in the head, whose location depends on the type of birth.
   There are five vortexes on the head, but only one is appropriate to receive such energy, and that is called the Coronary Vortex, the others are auxiliary vortexes: frontal, occipital, right and left temporal vortexes, which can also receive that energy, when birth was traumatic for the baby, as the coronary vortex closes itself automatically when that happens. However, the inlet of cosmic energy by a auxiliary vortex may lead to countless problems. It is possible to verify which vortex receives the energetic flow through a device called aura meter’.
   These vortexes are part of the energetic body that the Russians denominated bio-plasmatic and the Americans called bio-energetic. In fact, there are seven main vortexes and other auxiliary vortexes along the body.
   Several researchers scientifically confirmed the existence of this energetic body by using devices, we cite:

   Semyon Kirlian, Russian, who manufactured a machine, which was capable of photographing the halo of energy that surrounds the periphery of the physical body;

   Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama - Japanese, Doctor in Philosophy and Clinical Psychology, considered by UNESCO as one of the ten most important scientists in the world. He invented a device destined to measure the reactions of the nervous plexus by the activation of a vortex, as an excess of measurable energy is created in the extremities of the meridians of the hands and feet;

   Dr. Sahfica Karagulla - Neuro-psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New York, USA, whose research marks a great conquest in the area of Medicine, as it complied with scientific methodology, demonstrated that the processes of the illnesses have a correspondence in the energetic human field or body, as it was confirmed in the centres of force or vortexes.

   The direction of the energy flow in babies is of vital importance, but it is almost unknown to people.
   Whenever a baby is born through normal delivery, the cosmic energy comes in through a coronary vortex, it is then distributed to the other vortexes and a physical-energetic balance is maintained.
   On the other hand, if a child is born through a Caesarean, the energy will come in through the frontal vortex, and the baby will suffer the consequences, presenting a fretful, restless behaviour; he/she may suffer from insomnia; he will have lack of concentration, which will damage his learning at school.
   If the inlet of energy is not corrected, there will be a problem of lack of concentration throughout the rest of his life. He may study and even go to college, but he will suffer the difficulties mentioned, and also problems of memorization, being forced to read his lessons many times in order to learn.
   The most traumatic labour, such as the one when the umbilical cord is around the child’s neck or the one when it is required the use of the forceps, will make the energy flow go in through the occipital vortex that may lead to migraine or other neurological problems.
   By the application Chromo Therapy it is possible to normalise the referred energy inlet and direct it to the coronary vortex, which will make the child calmer. The child will be able to develop his/her capacity of concentration and that will help his/her studies at school and college, as well as their future work in any profession chosen.
   This is one of the reasons why women should prefer NORMAL ELIVERY whenever possible.
   Further information: Espaço “Nascer Feliz” - +55 51 30246453

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