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In the Sports Field

   Eastern Ancient Philosophy claimed that everything that is manifested in the Universe is a vibration, which is today confirmed by Modern Physics.
   According to millenary wisdom, there is a certain vibratory band that, when reaching the auditory system, it is converted into SOUND. There is another band that generates HEAT, which can be felt when it gets close to the skin; and another one that, when approaching the eyes, it is felt like colourful LIGHT, and that is the origin of the seven colours of the Solar Spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which integrates the Electromagnetic Spectrum, which reaches all the radiations from the ‘Gamma’ and ‘X’ rays, ultraviolet, infrared to the heat, radio and television waves.
   The utilization of plates with the seven colours of the colourful spectrum, through an electricity-run device, enables the treatment of several illnesses, as each colour has a different function over the human body. Hence, it is known that green is anti-septic, violet is bactericidal and anti-infectious, blue is analgesic; yellow works regenerating structures, orange is a regenerator and it eliminates fat, indigo is anti-haemorrhagic and red/pink is the colour of blood stream balance.
   My first contact with the Science of Colours was as an attempt to treat the arthrosis in my knees, which prevented me from walking, as there was great swelling and pain in that region. To my surprise, after using the adequate set of colours, the pain was considerably relieved and after twelve applications, my knees were not swollen anymore, the pain disappeared and the movement of the knees went back to normal. This happened twelve years ago and I have never felt any difficulty in moving since then.
   From this period, I have assisted approx. 6000 patients with several disturbs, obtaining excellent results.
   I have seen evidence of the rapid recovery of people who had suffered torsions, sprains, tendonitis and other problems, which are common to people in the sports field.
   On a certain occasion I saw a football player who had injured the meniscus, his knee was swollen, he had difficulty in walking and suffered terrible pain, having been in treatment for a month. After the first application of Chromo Therapy the pain was relieved to a great extent, and after five applications there was full recovery as he was able to resume practice and matches.
   I also observed several patients with tendonitis, many tennis players who, after an average of ten applications of colourful lights, were free from the inflammation of the tendons.
   On the day when the sports people become aware that their injuries can be treated by Chromo Therapy with rapid recovery, they will certainly prefer this Energetic-Medicine.
   The great advantage of the use of Chromo Therapy is that it does not have side effects, and it can be used as complementary medicine, it can help the treatment proposed by the doctor, accelerating the cure.
   There were several researchers of the Science of Colours, but I would like to point out Dr. John Ott, USA, who studied the use of colours in search for the cure of cancer; Dr. Edwin Babbit, USA, who observed how the colour act when used in patients with mental disturbs; and Dr. Dinshah Gadhiali, from India, but residing in the USA, who was considered the one who structured Chromo Therapy in scientific basis ad wrote an encyclopaedia in three volumes, of the use of colours; and Prof. René Nunes, from Brazil.

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