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:: The Cure of Migraine using Chromo Therapy

   Migraine is a type of headache that produces painful sensations all over the head or part of it, with a set of signs or symptoms such as: nausea, pain over the eyes, tiredness, irritability; that can affect a person in an alternate or simultaneous fashion, and its crisis are repeated periodically.
   Migraine can be caused by various factors like: psychosis, disturbances of the psyche, hormonal and metabolic disturbances, use of alcohol or drugs, circulatory, neurological, muscular and bone malfunctions, amongst others.
   The endocrinous system is considered to be an expressive agent that can provoke migraine, especially in women that are in the pre-menstrual period, as the case in PMT. Chromo Therapy provides a great relief for those women who suffer from migraine, because it is possible to unblock the brain areas through the application of the right colours; and it is also possible to treat the uterus with the appropriate colour for each case, eliminating the uncomfortable period pain.
   The Disturbances of the cervical column and of the muscular region of the back of the neck can cause Migraine, in the same way as they are treated by Chromo Therapy.
   Another common cause in the development of Migraine is in the visual deficiencies, like in hypermetropia, myopia, astigmatism, etc., when they are not treated.
   Affections of the nose and of the nasal cavities, such as: rhinitis, or a prolonged inflammation of the front of the face, like sinusitis, can be responsible by the occurrence of migraine crisis. Chromo Therapy has managed to cure numerous cases of rhinitis and sinusitis, as well as migraine, by using the irradiation f the right colours in the brain, nasal and para-nasal areas of the face.
   Disturbances of the liver, bladder and intestines can also provoke migraine. The appropriate colours are applied to the brain areas and to the digestive system, depending on the illness.
   Another factor that can trigger migraine is the arterial hypertension. Again, in this case Chromo Therapy has achieved excellent results, for it irradiates the colours to the brain region and it also treats hypertension.
   A less common situation is that when a patient experiences migraine that stems from a brain tumour, which requires specialised treatment.
   Generally, before there is pain, there is an initial phase when the blood vessels of the brain narrow, producing insufficient irrigation in this region. The body reacts, causing a dilation of the vessels in order to normalise the oxygen supply to the brain; and with that, it triggers a throbbing pain, which characterises migraine.
   According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) statistics, a third of the world’s adult population and a tenth of the world’s children population suffers from Migraine. However, half of the cases are not diagnosed and are classified as common headaches, as many people who suffer from migraine do not go to the doctor and get used to living with the pain, by just taking painkillers.
   I researched the origin of Migraine and found as its basic cause the energetic factor on inlet of energy by the occipital vortex, and it can be associated to a physiological or psychological cause. The Science of Colours is able to relieve, or even eliminate Migraine.
   It can enable the patient to recover, because it is going to interfere in the quantity and quality of the chemical reactions, which are the source of energy for the body as a whole; fostering its physical and energetic balance as it leads the inlet of cosmic energy to the coronary vortex.
   The Migraine diagnostic cannot be done only through conventional exams that only research the physical aspect, as we claim that its origin is energetic, according to what hundreds of patients experience when they were cured by the application of colourful lights in the brain regions, associated to the physical treatment of dysfunctional organ.
   In Chromo Therapy we use a device called an Aura meter, which is used to perform the patient’s energetic measuring, checking which vortex is receiving cosmic energy. This device also reveals with accuracy, which parts of the body are lacking in energy, enabling the localization of possible organic unbalance.
   Besides that, Chromo Therapy uses the Pyracromos, and electrical device that gives out radiations through the colourful blades: red/pink - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet; that are fitted in a slot in front of the bulb.
   For the sake of explanation, I mention the case of a 57-year old woman who had been suffering from migraine and Hypertension for twenty years. She used to take eight ‘Tonopan’ pills daily, plus two injections to relieve the pain so that she could work, as she was a schoolteacher. After seven applications of Chromo Therapy the migraine disappeared, and after twenty-four applications her blood pressure stabilised. Her doctor suspended the prescribed medication because he considered that she was totally cured.

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