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For children

   Chromo Therapy is defined as a Science that uses the colours of the solar Spectrum in order to re-establish the physical-energetic balance in the areas of the human body that are, for any reason, affected by any organic dysfunction. It is based in three Sciences: Medicine, Physics and Bioenergetics.
   Amongst several doctor-researchers of the Science of Colour, we cite the following:

  • Dr. DINSHAH GAHADIALI, from India, but a USA resident, who is considered to be the one who structured Chromo Therapy into scientific basis. He wrote an encyclopaedia in tree volumes, about the therapeutic use of colours.
  • Dr. JOHN OTT, from the USA, director of the Institute of Sarasota, Florida, where he researched the colours in order to cure cancer. Author of: ‘Health and Light’.
  • Dr. NIELS FINSEN, from Denmark. He founded the Institute of Light to treat tuberculosis. He realized amazing cures in two thousand patients with the application of Chromo Therapy, and received the Nobel Prize in 1903.
  • Dr. NEERESH FAUSTO PAGNAMENTA, from Italy, a paediatrician who developed work on the application of Chromo Therapy in children, specialising in Chromo Puncture.
   Dr. Neeresh Pagnamenta is the author of the book by this title, with a preface by Dr. Peter Mendel and presented by Dr. Frederick Leboyer, a doctor who treated a baby in a way that was different from the way babies were treated until then. Instead of the usual smack that was meant to make the baby cry at birth, he used relaxing music, dimmed lights and waited until the baby’s umbilical cord stopped throbbing and before cutting. He left the baby relaxing in contact with the mother. He adopted a more respectful approach to babies, and wrote the book ‘Being Born Smiling’.
   Dr. Pagnamenta explains that light is the language ‘between the cells’, as the German biophysicist Dr. POPP demonstrated, that is to say, each living cell gives out a radiation of light called ‘biofoton’.
   There are 50 billion cells in our body and each one of them possesses this radiation of light. When there is an illness, the cells lose part of this light, but if the colourful lights are applied, they recover their shine easily, making the person healthy soon.

   He reports several cases:

   1. Insomnia - A 2 year old child who for one year would only go to bed at around midnight and slept very little. First time the child received the application of colours she went to bed in the middle of a meal, and her mother was quite astonished about the speed of cure.

   2. Breastfeeding colic - A newborn baby was suffering from colic and was cured with the application of Chromo Therapy in one week.

   3. Sinusitis, bronchitis (asthma) - A 7-year old child had sinusitis and bronchitis and was in constant crisis. After the application of the colours, he was free from those problems after 3 weeks of treatment.

   4. Migraine - A 4-year old child was suffering from migraine daily. After the first application of Chromo Therapy the girl did not have migraine anymore.


   I will cite the cases of some of patients that I treated:

   1. Kidney infection - A two-year old baby who had a kidney ifection, he was cured after 3 applications of Chromo therapy.

   2. Bronchitis - A child who suffered constant crisis of bronchitis, after the application of the colours fro eight days he was free from the illness.

   3. Dysrhythmia - A 7-year old boy who was suffering from dysrhythmia was cured after 16 applications of Chromo Therapy. The cure was confirmed by the encephalogram, where it says: ‘There are not more focus of irritation on the left temporal region, which were present on the previous exam.’

   4. Migraine - A 17-year old man who had been suffering from migraine since the age of four. He had tried several treatments but did not have any results. The migraine disturbed him daily and he could not study anymore. After four applications of Chromo Therapy, the young man has not suffered from migraine anymore; he started studying again and was approved in his final tests.

   5. Meningitis - A one-month old baby had meningitis. Chromo Therapy was applied up to twice a day, associated to the medical treatment, and soon the baby was better. In these cases children often are left with sequels, but the child, who is now 4, is perfectly normal.

   6. Acne - A 14-year old teenager was suffering from acne (an illness that is characterised by the inflammation of the sebaceous glands). After the first applications the spots dried; and after 18 applications of Chromo Therapy his skin was normalised. Note: an English doctor has been using the colourful light to treat acne with great success.

   I conclude informing that Chromo therapy is listed amongst the main alternative or complementary therapies recognised by the World Health Organisation.

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