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   Under the title ‘Colours in Ancient Egypt’, I proffered my first lecture as a member of the &lsquoentro de Egiptologia do Clube Naval (Centre for Egyptology of the Naval Club)’ - Rio de Janeiro, when I paid homage to the one I consider to be the greatest figure in the history of Egypt: Akhenaton.
   Akhenaton took the throne of Egypt as Amenhotep IV, in co-regency like his father, Pharaoh Amenhotep III. After the death of the later, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton, performing a social, political, religious and artistic reform, building a city in the middle of the desert, which was called Akhenaton - Aton's Horizon.
   Akhenaton led Egyptian Religion towards awakening in people the understanding of an Unique God, and showing the path to spiritual ascension that every human being should follow, through Love, Justice and Truth to achieve the essence of Light.
   Centuries later, Jesus came to realize this mission, teaching us:

LOVE: “Love thy neighbour as thou love thyself.

JUSTICE: “Search, first the Kingdom of God and his Justice, and all these things will be given to you.

TRUTH: “Know the Truth and Truth will free you.

   We can see that Akhenaton was the precursor of Jesus Christ's teachings, for both came in order to transmit God's word, which is based in Love, Justice and Truth.
   Akhenaton taught his people that it was necessary to ‘Live in Truth’, as this is the only way to find the path of Love and Justice, the basis for the balance that leads man to evolution, and consequently find the so yearned happiness.
   This was Akhenton's maximum: LIVE IN TRUTH, for those who live in truth, have in their hearts Love and Justice.
   Akhenaton was the Pharaoh of Love, because he did not accept war.

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