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Recovery Cases

   Cases of recovery with the application of Chromo Therapy and confirmed by lab tests and patients’ accounts:

   OCCIPITAL ADENITIS (tumour) - A sixty-year old lady who was suffering from occipital adenitis, with intense symptoms, characterized by temperature, dizziness, swelling and terrible pain. After three applications of Chromo Therapy her recovery was astonishing, and after 10 applications she was cured.

   ARTHROSIS - A fifty-eight year old lady who was suffering from arthrosis in her knees, which caused her great pain and difficulty in moving. After 24 applications of Chromo Therapy, the pain disappeared and she was able to move her knees normally again.

   ASTHMATIC BRONCHITIS - A 46-year old lady who was a sufferer of Asthmatic Bronchitis, arrived at the practice in a crisis, with difficulty in breathing. In the first application of Chromo Therapy, she recovered enormously and after 18 applications she was cured.

   ASTHMA - SINUSITIS - A 17-year old woman was suffering from asthma and sinusitis, and a terrible headache. According to medical advice, she had to undergo a surgery to scrape the inflammation of the nostrils. However, she decided to try the science of colours and after 10 applications all the symptoms disappeared. After two years, I met this patient, who then told me that she was totally cured after the Chromo Therapy session, telling me that it was not necessary to undergo surgery.

   BRONCHITIS - A 59 year-old lady who was suffering from bronchitis felt that she was cured after 24 applications of Chromo Therapy because she had not experience and symptoms of bronchitis.

   BURSITIS - A 57-year old man suffered from bursitis on the right shoulder, with a lot of pain and limited use of his arm. After the first applications of the colourful lights, he felt his pain relieved and after eight applications he was able to move his arms normally, without any pain.

   LEG CRAMP - A 43-year old lady suffered from leg cramp and dormant legs. After 12 applications she did not have any more problems with dormant legs or leg cramp.

   CALCIFICATION OF THE SHOULDERS - A 50-year old lady felt intense pain in her shoulders and had difficulty moving her arms. After 12 applications of Chromo Therapy the pain was relieved and after 33 applications she felt healed, for the pain disappeared and the arms movements went back to normal.

   BREAST CANCER - A 69-year old woman had carcinoma in two breasts, the left one was in a state of necrosis; she also had a wound between the breasts that did not heal, causing her great pain. She felt her arms dormant and she also was suffering from anaemia and losing weight. After 12 applications of Chromo Therapy the pain was relieved, there was less dormancy of the arms and a healing process got started. After 50 applications she experienced a general improvement, including in relation to anaemia, putting on 8 kilos; the wound healed, the dormancy disappeared and the breast, which was in a process of necrosis, went back to normal. After 78 applications, her daughter, who is a doctor, informed her that, in none of the 19 lab exams was any carcinogenic cell found.

   CANCER OF THE UTERUS - A 51-year old woman suffered from cancer of the uterus, which caused heavy bleeding and strong colic. After 25 applications of Chromo Therapy the bleeding and the colic stopped, she was then discharged by her doctor, who considered that she was cured.

   SCIATIC NERVE - A 69-year old man had cervical and lumbar column pain, as well as sciatic pain, which stopped him from driving his car. After 28 applications of Chromo Therapy all the pain disappeared completely and he was able to drive his car again.

   OVARIAN CISTS - A 28-year old woman had cists in her two ovaries. After 24 applications of Chromo Therapy the ultra-sound confirmed that there were no cists in the ovaries.

   CERVICAL COLUMN - A 27-year old lady had a constant pain on the cervical column, besides that she suffered from dormant arms and swollen hands. The x-ray confirmed the following: “Back squeezing of C3 and C4 for a reduction of the articulate interline”. After 27 applications of the colourful lights she felt very well, without any back-pain, or any dormancy or swelling. The new x-ray showed that: “The vertebral bodies have present normal bone structure and anatomic configuration. The space between the discs have been conserved”.

   HEEL SPUR - A 65-year old lady, was suffering from pain on her left foot due to a heel spur, which affected her walking. After 18 applications of Chromo Therapy, she did not feel any more pain and started to walk normally again.

   ANAL FISSURE - A 27-year old man had an anal fissure, which caused him pain when defecating. He went through a surgery, but had no success, as the fissure soon reappeared. After 8 applications of Chromo Therapy, the fissure healed and further examination confirmed the absence of vegetating or infiltrating injury.

   HYPER-CALCEMIA (Excess of calcium in the blood) - A 58-year old man, suffered from a metabolic disturbance characterised by such an excess of kidney stones; that a nephrectomy of the right kidney was needed. However, the other kidney continued to produce stones in excess, resulting in a lithophyse. He received 17 sessions of Chromo Therapy, then the ratio of calcium of calcium in his blood normalized, as laboratory exams confirmed.

   LUMBAGO - A 31-year old woman was suffering from intense pain in the lumbar region. She tried several treatments without success. She then had 10 applications of Chromo Therapy, and from the fourth application afterwards, she did not have any more pain in the lumbar region.

   OTOSCLEROSIS - A 52-year old lady was suffering from otosclerosis (aggressive deafness) in the right ear. Her exams showed 0% discrimination. After 14 applications of Chromo Therapy, the audiogram showed 44% discrimination, which surprised the doctor.

   SINUSITIS - A 60-year old man had been suffering from sinusitis for more than 20 years. After 25 applications of Chromo Therapy he had no more symptoms of that disease.

   CALCAREOUS TENDONITIS - A 50-year old lady had pain and difficulty of movement on the right shoulder, due to a calcareous tendonitis. After 12 applications of Chromo Therapy the pain disappeared and the mobility of the shoulder went back to normal.

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