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Cromoterapia Prática
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Leia o resumo do Livro

Leia o resumo do Livro

A Trilogia das Cores

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Akhenaton, o Faraó iluminado
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A Grande Piramide


Minha Vida na Outra vida no Egito





   A device made in black acrylic, measuring 24 cm, in length; in a cylindrical shape, with 10cm diameter and 8 colourful blades.
   It has two slots where the colourful blades and the focus reducer are placed, to treat small areas or children.
   A 40-watt (mirrored) Spot-lamp is utilized.
   The device is very light, making its handling very easy for the professionals in this area.
   It comes with a plastic case and a booklet with the indications of the colours for certain illnesses.

:: If you are interested in acquiring the device contact:
   Ondina Balzano
   Phone: +55 21 22561400

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